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Beat the Winter Blues Ball


Friends of Gid and Beth Coblentz,

The Beat the Winter Blues Ball was held on Saturday February 11th, 2012 at the Liberty Fire Company in New Holland.  The event was coordinated by Allison Cuthie to bring friends, family and community members together to support the Coblentz family in their treatment of Beth Coblentz' cancer.

The Coblentz family have been long time active members of our community.  Beth has been involved in numerous sports and school programs including Garden Spot Wrestling and we wish Beth and her family a fast and speedy recovery.

As a testament to the positive impact that Beth and the Coblentz family have made in our community, the Beat the Winter Blues Ball was a huge success with 191 tickets sold to attend the Ball.  There were numerous cash donations and 65 gift donations from local businesses which helped support a successful  Chinese auction.  The evening also included dinner, music and dancing.  By all measures, it was a great success.  All proceeds have gone to Gid and Beth Coblentz to cover expenses to help treat Beth's cancer. 

We are sure that everyone in attendance thanks Allison Cuthie for her unselfish time and effort.  Best wishes to Beth and the Coblentz family.