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The Frank Herceg Award, Iron Man

Frank Herceg taught Earth Science and led the Ecology Club at Garden Spot High School for 33 years. During that time and beyond, he coached and/or assisted in a staggering array of sports at Garden Spot: Football, Track, Field Hockey and Wrestling.

Frank was involved with the football program from its inception. He was also involved in the formative years of wrestling. There were only 4 years of Garden Spot wrestling before Frank became involved in 1966 and he remained involved until his passing in 2021. He impacted the program on both ends of the spectrum, with separate stints coaching at both the Elementary and High School levels. He eventually settled into his role as our beloved scout and scorekeeper. A role in which he performed at the highest level for well over 30 years. Frank also proudly worked tables for NCAA events, working 2 NCAA Championships.

Frank positively impacted multiple generations of Garden Spot Wrestlers and loved nothing more than to see young men and women succeed in sport and life. His legacy is one of unmatched commitment and dedication. He was as tough as they come--a true “Iron Man.” The Frank Herceg-Iron Man award aims to celebrate these qualities. It is presented to senior wrestlers who have completed the journey of starting in the elementary program and wrestling through high school. 

  Jeremy Schilling
  Garrett Gehr
  AJ Vega
  Mason Musser