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Future Website Ideas...

Management Resources Page.  Make it so it is password protected and include the following for Board Members and Coaches:

  • Reimbursement Form
  • Tournament Information, Checklist, Excel Template, etc.
  • aasldkjflas

Fan Section.  Use the "Forum" app.  Can I alter the HTML to add graphics for the schedule and general hype?

Face Book Integration.

Directions Page.  The HTML for the Google Directions was taken from the below URL.  Format the box to solid gray outline, the size should be 600 x 60 pixels.

 A decent school list resource is the PA Education site:

Team Records Page.  Find a good one-word name.  Maybe just "Champions"?  The page should host PIAA state place winners, regional winners, district winners, Optimist Champions, MAWA Eastern National Qualifiers, PJW State Qualifiers. 100 Win Club, etc.

Garden Spot Fantasy Wrestling  (Bad idea but save...) 

  • Takedowns - 2 wrestlers
  • Reversals - 2 wrestlers
  • Near Falls - 2 wrestlers
  • Team Points - 2 wrestlers

6 people to a league.  The entire team is drafted by weight class, not by kid (due to subs). That gives 3 weight classes per league member.  From there, they have to pick

Youth Sign-up Page.  Make sure all our required information is there and also review Souderton and Elmhurst Forms.  I already stated it on Google Docs (the form does not flow data well).  I started a Google Docs version on 1/31/2011.

Update - The new form was completed using the WEBS tool for the 2011-2012 season.  We get a maximum of 1,000 page form submissions per month.

Spirit Wear Page.  Photos of each item.  Already started on the "Store" page.  We can have them place the orders here, but we need a tax exempt ID number to register with PayPal or any other online payment system.

Marketing Page.  Post the color and black and white version of the logo.  How about a "History" of old logos and marketing items for fun.  What's the oldest t-shirt or Garden Spot wrestling spirit wear item we can find?  Have photos of all old Garden Spot wrestling t-shirts sup

Off-Season Wrestling Opportunities Page.   LAW.  Steele.  Summer Opportunity Camp.  Suggested clinics and camps.   Hack's Open Mat Night.  Tournament list for all kids to attend.

From RedPen

  • News Buttons
  • Parents Pole
  • Photo of the Week

Coaches Corner.  Include directions, video links to moves, form access (see also Management Resource Page) and links to the following:

PA State Police Criminal Records Check Website Link:

PA Child Abuse Clearance Form:  PDF File Copy Uploaded to Site...

Link to PIAA District III Officials Page: CLICK HERE