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The Reggie Geist Memorial Award

Reggie Geist wrestled 189lbs and heavy weight for Bob Weaver’s Spartan team of the mid 1960’s.  Geist was dedicated to the sport in which he participated in from Junior High through graduation in 1965.

When Reggie died in 1967, after a long illness, his graduating class raised funds to initiate a wrestling award in honor of their classmate.  Since 1968, The Reggie Geist Award is presented each year to an outstanding varsity wrestler selected by the coaches.

In 1973 Reggie’s parents, Richard and Dorothy, assumed sponsorship of the award.  In recent years, his sister Vicki Martin and her family have presented the awards at the annual Spartan Wrestling Awards Banquet.

The graduating class of 1965 describes the award, and the man whose memory is honored with this memorial:

"Reggie Geist has written indelible records of high ideals, sportsmanship, and loyalty in the annals of Garden Spot history.  What does it take to be an athlete and sportsman?  Skills born of courage, patience, dedication, and endurance.  Reggie knew this, but he also possessed the stature to understand that skill must be accompanied by humility in regard for others, attributes a true sportsman.  His classmates established this award in his honor as one that should endure for a greater purpose, the commemorating his life . . . Reggie requires no award to sustain his memory."



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